Julie’s Cafe & Motel in Door County



Pumpkin Patch

If it’s October, it Must Be Pumpkin Patch! Fall has officially arrived and now our thoughts naturally turn to pumpkins!! More specifically, the Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor! Pumpkin Patch weekend is an annual festival taking place in the village of Egg Harbor...

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Farmers Markets in Door County

Eat Local: Door County Farmers Markets This time of year is a very delicate balance. The glorious summer is reaching its peak and we haven’t quite started the gentle slide into autumn. This is the perfect moment to consider spending some time at one of Door County’s...

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Lighthouses of Door County

Seeing the Light: Door County Lighthouses Connect the Past to the Present   Some of the most familiar and iconic sights in Door County are lighthouses. Eleven lighthouses to be exact. The lighthouses are as much a part of the landscape as cherry trees and fish...

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Fish Boils in Door County

Fish Boils: A Door County Tradition It sounds odd, the first time you say it. FISH BOIL Boiled fish. Definitely weird right? Until…you experience it for yourself. One of Door County’s most treasured traditions, a fish boil is part science and part culinary theater....

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Hiking in Door County

Go Take a Hike: The Very Best Spots in Door County Ahhh, it’s a sumptuous summer in Door County. Blue skies, warm temps, and everything is gloriously green and blooming. Here you are on your DC vacation and the best way to enjoy this fabulous time of year is…taking a...

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An Unforgettable Door County Getaway