Julie's GranolaAt Julie’s, we love making things from scratch. We do it as often as possible. One of our homemade products is our granola. We bring in all the ingredients and bake it in our kitchen in the cafe. I have to say that I love walking into the kitchen when the granola is baking. I could just stand there and inhale the savory aroma that floats through the kitchen. Since we want it fresh in the morning, you have to be at Julie’s early to be able to enjoy the smell of it baking.

The tastiness comes together with a mixture of yummy ingredients.

Each bag that we sell is weighed at 16 ounces to make sure they are even. A one pound bag of deliciousness.

The bags are for sale at our checkout counter. If you don’t see one there, ask an employee and we can bag some for you if its available. We always want it fresh so on occasion we might not have any for sale until the next morning.

Granola, Yogurt and FruitOne of our tasty breakfast dishes is our Granola, Yogurt and Fruit. Its a great combination to start off your day in Door County! Another tasty granola dish is our Julie’s granola cakes. We add granola and blueberries to our already delicious buttermilk pancakes for a real breakfast treat. Hope you will come in and try it out!