Happy November! We are happy to be here. In case you haven’t heard, the motel is open 7 days a week. The café is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 6:59 am – 2:01 pm.

With the new season comes the opportunity to see things differently. Winter is a great season in Door County- its just totally different from summer. You can see the sunrise and not have to get up super early.


We get more time to relax with family and even have our kids at work. We also have the opportunity to connect with guests and visit with those that go into hiding during the touristy summer. We are also planning new ways to improve the café and motel


Since we changed to a winter menu because we are not serving dinner, we changed things up a little bit. Instead of just taking away some menu items – we added some new dishes for our guests to try. We have 13 new items on our dinner menu. Our Cuban is already selling well as are our grilled cheese BLT and biscuits and gravy. We also have some new specials for you to try. We’ve been having Whitefish benedict on Fridays as a special treat. We also cook corned beef hash on Sundays for all those who love corned beef.


We hope you come visit us this winter. Take some time, relax, breathe. We are on a slow winter pace and ready for all those who need a break from the business of summer and hustle of city life.