At Julie’s its been an exciting and fun season so far. We have had so many great people visit our café and motel. We have a fun staff this year. I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos and information about the great people we have here to serve you.


This is Michala and she grew up in Door County. She is one of our awesome servers.


Gloria (China), Gabriela (Romania), Anamaria (Romania), Claudia (Romania), Amelia (Jamaica), and Bethany (Wisconsin) – having some fun with the treasure chest toys.



Mesut (Turkey), Ismayil (Azerbajan), Onur (Turkey)


Laith (Jordan), Bethany (Wisconsin), and Gloria (China)


You probably recognize the one in the middle. That’s Debra – our Manager. She’s super awesome!

Come visit our staff and say hi on your next trip to Fish Creek!