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By Sande Solomon on 2/16/2012 3:09 PM
One of the best outdoor activities in Door County is biking. With so many options of locations and trails, the possibilities are endless. One of my favorite places to bike is Peninsula State Park. The trails are beautiful and they have a great variety. The winding roads through the park are great for a road bike. If you have a mountain bike or hybrid, there are many gravel paths to bike on by yourself or with family and friends. Don't forget about the off-road trails. Make sure you have a mountain bike because some of them can get rather technical, especially if you are a novice. Peninsula State Park is not the only place to bike. You can ride your road bike on the many beautiful roads that travel around the county. One of my favorite roads to ride on is Hwy Q between Sister Bay and Bailey's Harbor. You can also check out the other state parks like Newport. One of the places I want to go biking is Rock Island. I have heard its a great place to bike. Getting there is the difficult part. you have to take the ferry to Washington Island and then another Ferry to Rock Island. Make sure to bring food and water though because Rock Island is a Park and they don't allow motorized vehicles and there are no shops or stores. Someday I will hit these trails....

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